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Blister packaging contract manufacturing


Eudinamis specializes in the packaging of oral solid forms, such as capsules and tablets, in blister packaging offering a complete service for third parties. Adequate packaging guarantees a more pleasant and reliable product, and conveys a greater degree of food safety, which could be decisive for customers in their purchasing decision making process.

Eudinamis provides an innovative third party packaging system that meets the trends and demands of the market. Blister pack is commonly used in the nutraceutical industry to package all types of food supplements, capsules, tablets and also liquids.


Blister pack manufacturing

During blistering, a plastic film is driven through a preheating station on the blister line, which softens the plastic material, making it flexible. The hot plastic then arrives at a forming station where a great pressure forms the blister cavity in mold. The film is then cooled and the capsules or tablets automatically inserted into the cavities. This is followed by heat sealing on the aluminum support and a new cooling.
Maximum precision in temperature regulation and monitoring is required. The constancy of the dimensions and the flatness of the blisters ensures that the products are inserted exactly into the cavities formed, favoring subsequent processing and final automatic packaging.


This type of packaging has countless advantages:

  • It prevents the tablets from bumping into each other, keeping them intact and without the possibility of breaking.
  • Protection of the food supplement against moisture and optimization of product storage, thanks to its waterproof and airtight qualities.
  • Safety guarantee of the integrity of the product, causing difficulties in tampering with the product contained in the cavity without inevitable breakage of the blister lid.
  • Easy removal of capsules and tablets from the blister.
  • Visual check of the residual dose. Possibility to easily view and take into account the doses taken and those still inside the package.
  • Ease of transport and aesthetic improvement, compared to classic pill jars.

Eudinamis blister packaging formats are 15 and 4 cavities, valid for tablets and capsules. The dimensions of each blister are 115 x 73 mm.
Batch number and expiration date are printed on the blister and reported on the box.


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