Eudinamis: Liposome Contract Manufacturing

23 Settembre 2021
23 Settembre 2021 Eudinamis

Eudinamis: Liposome Contract Manufacturing

Eudinamis Liposome Contract Manufacturing


In addition to producing tabs and capsules, Eudinamis is also specialized in liposome contract manufacturing. Nutrients can be encapsulated in liposomes which are vectors consisting of closed vesicles formed by a double layer of phospholipids. In contact with water, phospholipid membranes easily form vesicles that englobe everything that is water soluble, for instance nutrients, especially minerals and vitamins. The liposomal technology, also known as microencapsulation, allows substances to pass efficiently in body tissues, protecting them from degradation and oxidation. In this way, liposomes can pass intact the digestive tract and can be distributed in specific cells, thanks to the blood-flow, avoiding side effects.  The result is an improvement in absorption and bioavailability.

In Eudinamis s.r.l. the liposomal contract manufacturing is a daily living. Supplements taken orally are by far the most widespread and requested type and are often the first and best choice for taking certain types of substances. On the other hand, the limit of oral food supplements is the presumed ineffectiveness due to the sensibility of components in the gastroenteric tract where they can face problems in absorption and in the manifestation of the effect, and for that reason, conventional nutraceuticals often don’t give optimal results.

Thanks to many studies, we know that liposomal formulations can be used to carry substances, such as nutraceuticals, protecting them. Liposomes are also used to have an optimal and complete absorption of the active ingredient and as result the bioavailability is greatly improved, if compared to the conventional formulations (i.e., tabs). The higher the bioavailability is, the greater is the effect of the substance on our body.

As already mentioned, liposomes’ main functions are the protection of active ingredients from acidic stomach environment, the capacity to “mask” active ingredients and to reduce side effects and the improvement of absorption. Liposomes are preferentially absorbed in the intestine since they are made up of phospholipids just like our cell membranes. Thanks to this system, the active ingredients enter directly into enterocytes and subsequently in the blood through the lymphatic system, avoiding passing from the liver (first pass effect).

Our food supplement contract manufacturers Eudinamis produces liposomes of liquid substances, which are packaged into normal and sprays bottles.