Certified laboratory of
food supplements

Certified laboratory of
food supplements


Our laboratory for food supplement manufacture, which is Eudinamis beating heart, is equipped with different kinds of machinery that are set up and maintained by our production workers. Our production team is continuously trained to guarantee the correct working conditions of the machinery.

Laboratory for food supplement manufacture in small batches

We pay our highest attention and put our best effort in the production of both small and big batches. We manage our samples so that we can guarantee traceability and safety of the products. Moreover, every single production process has its unique batch number.

Our company offers a wide range of formats: powder and granulated supplements, filmed and not-filmed tablets, capsules with cases of different origins, depending on the clients’ needs and requests.

We ensure that the analysis plan on raw materials is carried out successfully, and we entrust external certified laboratories to check also on our finished products.

We select only the best suppliers for our raw materials and our packaging, choosing carefully among the ones that keep the same quality criteria that we have, which means, that follow the good manufacturing practises like we do.


Private label supplement manufacturers

Eudinamis is specialized in the production of third party supplements and packaging


Type 1
Type 0
Type 00
Type 000

Expert in the filling and packaging of hard capsules to succeed in meeting the needs of each customer.


Round size
Convex size
Shaped size
Gradual-release tablets

Specialized in the production of tablets of various shape: oval, convex, shaped, round convex, round flat e round shaped.


30 mL
250 mL
1000 mL

Realization of liquid supplements for third parties according to your needs.


Our equipment is kept under control by frequent checks of calibration, and it is placed in rooms with high standard of cleanliness.

The production workers of our laboratory are trained to keep a correct hygiene in the working place, wearing not only a uniform, but also all kinds of disposable clothing and wear like gloves, cuffs and shoe covers, to avoid any contact with the product. Our team members wash their hands frequently, according to strict hygienic procedures.

In our food supplement production laboratory, we produce capsules, tablets and powders, all previously tested and approved before manufacturing, in the initial phase of the project, which is the formulation.
During this step, we also carry out tests to guarantee and standardize the finished product at a high level, ready to be shipped.


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