Production of Food
Supplements in Tablets

Production of Food
Supplements in Tablets


EUDINAMIS is specialised in the production of tablets of various shapes: oval, convex, shaped, round convex, flat round and shaped round.

The used manufacturing technology, combined with the excellence of raw materials, guarantees a product of the highest quality.

The tablets can be coated through a filming process in order to improve their aesthetic appearance (colour, smell, taste) or to obtain an enteric coated product


The shape of our tablets.

The tablets can be packaged in jars (available in various sizes and colours) or in blister packs.
The production of food supplements in tablets can have the following shape:

Round size: 19.3 cm × 9.1 mm
Convex size: 25.0 cm × 9.1 mm
Shaped size: 21.0 cm × 10.0 mm
Round convex size: 11.2 mm (diameter)
Flat round size 16.0 mm (diameter)
Round convex size: 6.1 mm (diameter)

Shapes Dimensions
Format round 19,3 x 9,1 mm
Format convex 25,0 x 9,1 mm
Format shaped 21,0 x 10,0 mm
Format round convex 11,2 mm (diameter)
Format flat round 16,0 mm (diameter)
Format round convex 6,1 mm (diameter)

At Eudinamis all pharmaceutical formats are produced to meet the three fundamental requirements of efficacy, safety and quality.
We have always been committed to an optimal formulation, in order to be able to offer only the best, starting from a high quality raw material, which reflects the requirements of the high standards we seek and demand from our suppliers.

The tablets, solid preparations intended for oral administration, represent one of the formats we produce the most; their manufacture is a complex multi-stage process to which we pay the utmost attention.
Our formulation staff make sure that the tablet is correctly shaped.
The priority is to obtain a product that contains the maximum amount of active ingredient.
To this is added the right dose of excipients, necessary to obtain a correct flow of powders during the processing phase and a grain size that is suitable for the compressing phase, in order to obtain a good level of compaction, as well as to control the dispensing phase at the right time, maintaining correct integrity and chemical stability.

Furthermore, during the formulation phase, the objective is well focused on creating tablets that are resistant and are characterised by a uniform unit weight, and lastly, that are free of defects once in the hands of the final consumer.

It is therefore very important to us that our product has a high degree of palatability and ease of consumption.
For this reason the tablets are commonly shaped into oval, convex, , round, flat shapes, thanks to our compressing machines, according to the customer’s needs, to whom we guarantee maximum flexibility and rapidity in the delivery of the finished product.
All our employees involved in the production sector are trained to operate according to GMP practices, following the standard procedures that govern their activities during the production phases.


Coated tablets

Coating of nuclei:
– with naturale color
– with glaze
– for gastro-resistence (enteric coated tablets)


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