Eudinamis and RedNite®: beetroot properties

27 Settembre 2021
27 Settembre 2021 Eudinamis

Eudinamis and RedNite®: beetroot properties

Rednite Red Beets Eudinamis

Among nutraceuticals’ raw materials used by Eudinamis, RedNite® is a completely water-soluble food supplement made of concentrated nitrate rich beetroot powder, standardized in 1.5% – 2.75%, natural nitrates. Free solvent extraction is done on fresh beetroots, which are processed within 24 hours from harvesting at low temperatures, to preserve the color and the active ingredients’ content. In fact, the mentioned food supplement has an intense red color and pleasant taste. The variation of nitrates in beetroots made it challenging to achieve a standardized measure. The admitted limit of nitrates by the European Foods Safety Authority (EFSA) is around 3.7 mg nitrates/kg body weight per day. RedNite® has 25 times more nitrate than beetroot and it is 10 times more antioxidant; it delivers natural nitrate with betalains and polyphenols.  In RedNite® the actives nitrates are 1.5%, betanin is 0.3% and the herb extract ratio is 15:1. Finally, its bulk density is 0.4 g/cc. The main advantages are that it is an allergen free, heavy metal free, residual solvent free & non-GMO, free from nitrites, organic solvent free, pesticide free product with a proven stability, mild taste, and lovely color.

RedNite®’s effects and properties

Beetroot is an important source of nitrates in the diet, and it is clinically approved that the food supplement RedNite® improves muscle endurance in athletes, increases neuromuscular efficiency and reduces fatigue by improving performance in physical activity. Furthermore, nitrates have been shown to help dilate blood vessels and maintain normal blood pressure, controlling heart function and, therefore, cardiovascular health. They even allow you to fight age-related cognitive decline, keeping the brain healthy. The result is an improvement of life quality. Nitric oxide (NO) production comes from the nitrate that enter both with the diet (oxygen independent pathway) and the L- arginine (oxygen dependent pathway). The NO formed is then used in the mitochondrial respiration and it improves fatigue resistance, exercise efficiency and exercise performance. The mechanism of action is the following: the nitrate releases nitric oxide, that, once consumed, reduces even the muscles’ oxygen requirement during physical activity. The main use of RedNite® is certainly for the improvement of physical endurance and performance, thanks to the activity on the motor units. Rednite®-based nitrate rich supplements provided to produce better contractile force during metabolically taxing resistance exercises.

The serving size is between 500 mg to 3 grams and the dosage is much lower for chewable products like sports bars, lozenges, and functional foods. RedNite® is present in food supplements, bars, beverages, ready to drink powders and super food formulas.

Eudinamis’ manufacturings

In Eudinamis the final high quality of the product is guaranteed by certifications such as ISO 9001:2015 and GMP. Eudinamis is pleased to announce that it’s using Rednite® for its liquid, powder and capsule products.