Manufacturing of food supplements
on behalf of third parties

Manufacturing of food supplements
on behalf of third parties


In Eudinamis we are specialized in the manufacturing of food supplements on behalf of third parties, with more than twenty years of experience

This is a strong point of Eudinamis, which possesses both expertise and technological know-how in the filling and packaging of hard capsules, tablets and powders, to meet the needs of each customer.

Our hard capsules are available in size types 1, 0, 00 and 000, coloured or transparent. The company also offers capsules based on animal gelatin and capsules of vegetable origin suitable for vegan products.

The tablets we produce, after mixing the right amounts of ingredients in powder form in the first stage of production, can be moulded into different shapes such as oval, convex, shaped, round convex, flat round and shaped round, thanks to our tablet pressing machines.


Private label supplement manufacturers

Eudinamis is specialized in the production of third party supplements and packaging


Type 1
Type 0
Type 00
Type 000

Expert in the filling and packaging of hard capsules to succeed in meeting the needs of each customer.


Round size
Convex size
Shaped size
Gradual-release tablets

Specialized in the production of tablets of various shape: oval, convex, shaped, round convex, round flat e round shaped.


30 mL
250 mL
1000 mL

Realization of liquid supplements for third parties according to your needs.

Blisters and Pill containers



Subsequently, if required by the customer, they can be coated with a film coating process to improve the appearance (colour, odour and taste) or to produce an enteric product, or easy to swallow.

The technology used for the manufacture and the excellent quality of the raw materials, carefully inspected and analysed, guarantee a product of the highest quality.

The tablets, capsules, powders, can be packaged in pills or jars (available in various sizes and colours), or in blisters.

At this stage we make sure that the packaging material is suitable for contact with food and that it is effectively sealed to protect the product hygienically, from humidity, oxidation, contamination and degradation.

Our commitment is to ensure that the freshness of the food supplement is maintained in the long term.

After each cycle of manufacturing of food supplements on behalf of third parties, every machine used is meticulously cleaned so as not to leave traces of product residues and thus avoid cross-contamination.

The method of cleaning, with the products to be used, is written and each operator knows how to carry it out, in order to prepare the machines for the next production cycle with maximum safety. The cleanliness is also checked and verified by the personnel in charge, as well as traced in the appropriate registers.


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