Food Supplements
Manufacturing in Capsules

Production of Food Supplements
in Capsules


The production of food supplements in capsules is a strength of the company EUDINAMIS Srl, which has gained experience and technological expertise in the filling and packaging of hard capsules, succeeding in meeting the needs of each customer.

Our hard capsules are available in different sizes (type 1, type 0, type 00 and type 000), coloured or transparent.

The company offers animal gelatin capsules and capsules of vegetable origin suitable for Vegan products.


Our capsules formats

Production of food supplements in capsules in the formats:

– Type 1
– Type 0
– Type 00
– Type 000

Available colors:

Light blue, orange, light brown, green, yellow, semi-transparent green, blue/white, green/white, red/white, light brown/transparent, pink, black, transparent, white.

Formats Volume
Type Size 1 0,50 mL
Type Size 0 0,68 mL
Type Size 00 0,98 mL
Type Size 000 1,37 mL

The capsules represent, together with tablets, the solid pharmaceutical format most commonly produced in our manufacturing reality.
The capsules we produce are solid preparations composed of a rigid wrapping, made of polymeric material: this consists of animal or vegetable gelatine, according to the customer’s request, in order to create products suitable for consumption for the most varied eating habits.
The shell has neutral characteristics in order not to affect the intake of the supplement: it must be easy to swallow, have no taste or smell.
We make sure that it reflects this characteristic so that an additional coating phase is not needed.

The hard-shell capsules we take care of in our operating unit consist of two pieces, the body and the cap. When joined together, they contain the mixture of active ingredients and, where necessary, excipients.
The opercula, before the filling phase, are kept in excellent conditions, in suitable storage places, where parameters such as temperature and humidity are carefully kept under control.

The filling phase of the opercula is carried out thanks to our operculum machines, suitable to carry out this operation in a short time, for large quantities of capsules as well. We can offer different solutions with different sizes: the available types of capsules are type 1, 0, 00 or 000, depending on the desired volume.

The filling material consists of a mixture obtained from the best raw materials, carefully selected and controlled in order to guarantee a high quality standard.
During the production process, the weight of the capsules is randomly checked at a very precise frequency and they must comply with the standards imposed by the Official Pharmacopoeia, also in the dosage of their content.

On agreement with the customer, we produce this elegant and practical pharmaceutical form which is easy to take, slippery once moistened, attractive for the consumer. Finally, they are packaged in different solutions, in blisters or pill boxes.


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