Certified production
of quality food supplements


Eudinamis complies with the provisions on food hygiene in the production of its quality food supplements. As a matter of fact, it has activated a HACCP self-control system in accordance with D.L. 155/97 of EC Regulation 852/2004.

The aim of Eudinamis is to design and implement innovative and reliable solutions for the food supplements sector, through a service that is dynamic, responsible, punctual and close to the customer.

The company, as a whole, works to ensure that all employees are aware of the useful and necessary requirements of good manufacturing standards.


Our certifications

In fact, GMP principles accompany every activity in Eudinamis, which produces food supplements, ensures food safety standards and wants to align itself with a pharmaceutical vision, due to the nature of its product formats.

The application of GMP is necessary to guarantee high levels of quality and safety of the finished product. Eudinamis not only demands the right GMP application from itself, but also ensures that external suppliers can guarantee a high standard of quality.


All this translates into a daily and careful internal self-control plan, which follows the entire production flow: from the order of raw materials to the output of the finished product, as well as batch traceability, for 100% transparency.

The hygienic aspect of the work environment is also constantly and carefully monitored, together with that of the machinery and personnel, trained to maintain the state of cleanliness. In addition, the internal quality management system allows the sampling plans on raw materials and finished products to be kept under control, in order to comply with the relevant surveys according to the samples, in accordance with the regulations in force.

Eudinamis also aims at the standardisation of all processes within it, for a clearer management of flows and traceability, thanks to the drafting of detailed written procedures.


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