Eudinamis: supplement manufacturers

7 Settembre 2021
7 Settembre 2021 Eudinamis

Eudinamis: supplement manufacturers

Eudinamis Srl Supplement Manufacturers Italy Rimini

Eudinamis S.r.l is an Italian food supplement contract manufacturer specialized in big and even small batches. Food supplements are used to integrate the normal diet and they constitute a concentrated source of nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals or other substances, with a physiologic and nutritive value.

Food supplements manufacturer

In Eudinamis S.r.l. we produce food supplements which are capsules, tablets, and liquids (specifically aqueous solutions or suspensions, oily solutions and sprays) and liposomal formulations. Those products are packed into blisters, pill jars and bottles.
In Eudinamis’ factory we use innovative tools to guarantee a high-quality finished product. Eudinamis’ staff works with great seriousness and professionalism, guaranteeing reliability for all its products and all its services; for that reason, it distinguishes itself in carrying out activities with production results that places it in a position above the average of its competitors.

White label manufacturing

Our food supplements for third parties can be formulated in rigid capsules, which are available in types 1, 0, 00, 000, and they can be transparent or coloured ones.
We also have animal gelatin or vegetable capsules depending on the client need. Important requirements in rigid capsules production are a homogeneous mixing of ingredients, an optimal scrolling and granulometry properties and the compatibility of ingredients with the shell.
Eudinamis produces tablets in different forms: oval, rounded, shaped and flat. We also produce film-coated tablets, which are esthetically pleasing and functional. The film-coating process gives the opportunity to solve biologically active substances absorption problems, and even taste, smell, color of raw material problems. In addition, we produce modified-release formulations such as gastro-resistant coated tablets and extended-release tablets.
Eudinamis S.r.l. stands out for liquid supplements production and its strength in this area are the liposomal liquids that represent an innovative system: thanks to their structures, they can convey active ingredients, which are easily degradable, directly into cells.

Quality and experience in food supplement manufacturing

The knowledge and experience in the regulatory field allows us to meet the quality requirements according to the current regulations (GMP and ISO 9001:2015). Eudinamis’ goal is to satisfy the customer’s requests, who is always at the top, and each production is accompanied by constant innovation.